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Triple F - working together for a fossil-free freight transport system

Triple F stands for Fossil Free Freight, which alludes to the programme's purpose – to help cut the CO2 emissions produced by freight transport in Sweden. Triple F is the Swedish Transport Administration's research and innovation initiative, which is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park in collaboration with VTI and RISE. The programme was launched in 2018 and will run until 2030 at the latest.

The purpose of Triple F is to:

  • Use our innovation and doctoral projects to develop innovative solutions and research which provide clear steps towards a transition to a fossil-independent freight transport sector. To achieve this goal, you can apply for project funding from Triple F.
  • Create a platform for both developing and disseminating knowledge among operators, industries and regions. We will influence the future experts in the transition through our doctoral programme.

Our vision is to create a forum where Sweden's experts can work together towards achieving the national climate goals. To achieve our vision, Triple F is based on a method of cooperation which spans several organisations and areas of expertise, where the focus is on developing knowledge that facilitates the transition.

How do we get to a fossil-free system?

Triple F focuses on three challenges. If we tackle them, we will have the opportunity to switch to a fossil-free freight transport system.

A more transport-efficient society
As part of this challenge, we find both solutions which reduce the need for freight transport and measures which will reduce the actual distance that goods need to be transported.

Switching to energy-efficient, fossil-free vehicles
This includes measures aimed at switching goods to more energy-efficient modes of transport, but also at using more energy-efficient vehicles and ships within a mode of transport.

Shift to renewable fuels
This includes finding solutions to facilitate a fossil-free energy supply.  The solutions may involve using policies to facilitate a shift, but also looking at solutions where renewable fuels can be introduced in the freight transport system.

Research and innovation

Triple F has three focus areas. These are the areas where our partners in academia, business and society come to work together to develop the transport system of the future. All projects are run within the framework of our focus areas. They are:

How does technological development enable the transition to fossil-free freight transport? Within the Technology focus area, technology is examined in terms of being a facilitator in achieving Sweden's climate goals.

How do we achieve a fossil-free freight transport system and Sweden's climate goals in a cost-effective way? Policy should develop knowledge and tools which contribute to progress in this work.

The future of freight transport will be fossil-free – how does this affect future logistics solutions?

Triple Helix cooperation groups

Triple Helix groups are knowledge nodes providing expertise in specific areas, which are made up of representatives from industry, civil society actors and academics. We work with a number of these as part of Triple F.

Triple F material in English

Here you can find the results and presentations from Triple F that are available in English. To find all material from the program, please visit the Swedish site.

Kvinna i kostym som står framför en poster som visar forksningsresultat i text och i symboler. Triple Fs logga och trädillustrationer smyckar postern i hörnen.

New licentiate degree on how to measure and improve construction transport efficiency

Farah Naz is one of thirteen Ph.D. students within Triple F who recently defended her licentiate degree. In her dissertation, she described how to measure and improve construction transport efficiency...
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Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg

Watch Thomas Sterner, professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg talk about how we together can make the transition to fossil-free fuels possible.

Triple F in Swedish

Read more about our doctoral programme, our projects and how you can apply for your own Triple F project!

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