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Charging infrastructure technology and connected energy services - Innovate technology and VF InCharge commercial business, via (mobile and stationary) energy storage, steered charging, optimisation of connected loads and new energy services. Electric Road Systems - present in national, Swedish academia/industry platform and present towards Trafikverket ERS innovation pilots and system level pilot (first commercialisation). Implementation and delivery of E-Mobility pilots and demonstrators - e.g. VF as Charge Point Owner and Operator to electric bus pilots (as already delivered in Sweden). Power technology and grid/network expertise - R&D and non-regulated grid business opportunities (Regulated grid business via VF Eldistribution AB). Standardisation and interoperability - positions held in both IEC (international) and SEK (Swedish) technical committees.

Roll i Triple F 

Ultimately VF are motivated to act quickly and decisively to deliver in our mission of becoming Fossil free within one generation. The freight and transport sector is prioritised at a VF group level and therefore we must find and implement new business and technology solutions at a rapid pace in order to affect the needed transition to fossil free transportation. To achieve such VF need to develop our competence and relationships with those key and strong actors present in the logistics value chain/sector and as represented in the Triple F platform - we need to find our position and role in this new constellation of leading actors. We are motivated to develop new use cases and business models in all modes of freight and goods transport and in further development of our own commercial E-Mobility business and connected energy services solutions.

Kontaktperson: Colin Stewart