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Triple F's Nordic Workshop on Fossil-free Freight

Demostudion, Lindholmen Science Park, Göteborg

Welcome to take part of a workshop during which we will gather stakeholders from Nordic countries to discuss issues and areas on which to collaborate to accelerate and improve the progress towards a fossil-free freight sector. The workshop is exclusive for invitees only and we look forward to plan for the present and future with you.

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Triple F
Mingel och samtal under Triple F:s vårkonferens 2024.

Triple F is the Swedish Transport Administration's research and innovation initiative, which is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park in collaboration with VTI and RISE. Triple F has a triple helix approach and so far, the program has financed 60+ projects. Triple F’s purpose is to help cut the CO2 emissions produced by freight transport in Sweden by focusing on three challenges: “A more transport-efficient society”, “Switching to energy-efficient, fossil-free vehicles” and “Shift to renewable fuels”. Read more about that here.

The Nordic countries are similar in many ways and have a lot of trade between the countries, which raises a need for cooperation. In the autumn of 2023 Triple F held a conference with a Nordic theme where the differences and similarities in tools and approaches towards a fossil-free freight transport sector was discussed.  Concluding remarks were that we have a lot to gain in sharing knowledge and experiences to accelerate the transition.

Now, Triple F is taking the next step. In a workshop format Triple F wants to discuss how the Nordic countries can lead the way and cooperate to accelerate the transition to a fossil-free freight transport system. The aim of the workshop is to prioritize a number of issues within research, innovation, and implementation where  Nordic collaboration would benefit the most in accelerating the transition to a fossil-free freight transport system. The workshop will gather representatives from science, industry and authorities from each of the Nordic countries.


9.00 Welcome and presentation of Triple F
Sofia Löfstrand, Triple F

9.10 Presentation: SWOT analysis of fossil free freight in the Nordics
Petra Stelling, VTI 

9.40 Workshop activity 1: What are the most important issues from a Nordic perspective to accelerate the transition?

10.40 Coffee break

11.00 Workshop activity 2: How can cooperation be formed?

11.30 Summarizing and next steps

12.00 Lunch

Invitees only

The event is targeted to people who work within this field and has an international perspective – and exclusive for invitees only. If you believe that you should be a part of the workshop, please contact sofia.lofstrand@lindholmen.se

The workshop will be held in Gothenburg on the 16th of October 2024 at 9.00-13.00 CET at Lindholmen Science Park. 

Triple F's Autumn Conference

On the day before the workshop, October 15, Triple F is arranging its Autumn Conference, which will also be held at Lindholmen Science Park. At the conference, project results from the program will be presented in the morning whereas the afternoon will focus policy and regulation from an EU perspective with speakers from the Nordic countries. The afternoon sessions will be held in English. 

Read more and sign up here if You want to attend the Autumn Conference.