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The Triple F consortium is broad and multidisciplinary, with cutting edge expertise from all over Sweden and represents society, industry, academia and institutes, which gives us a unique opportunity to handle all the complex issues involved in the transition to a fossil-free freight transport system.

Want to become a partner? As a partner, you are expected to be an active contributor in the dialogue about the transition and how we for Sweden best achieve the goals. Triple F's board makes a formal decision on partnership.

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  • City of Gothenburg Read more about City of Gothenburg

    Role in Triple F

    The city of Gothenburg will identify challenges and be an important demonstration arena for urban mobility. Moreover it is also linked to long-range transportation, where Gothenburg’s harbor is an important enabler for innovation projects in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly logistics and transport arrangements. Gothenburg is also a partner in CLOSER and participates in the Urban Mobility round table.

    Contact: Michelle Coldrey

  • City of Helsingborg Read more about City of Helsingborg

    Role in Triple F:

    Helsingborg is a partner in CLOSER and a participant in CLOSER’s Urban Mobility round table. The municipality’s participation in Triple F opens up the possibility of using the municipality as a test bed for introducing new technology and innovations.

    Contact: Linda Bermin

  • City of Stockholm Read more about City of Stockholm

    Role in Triple F:

    The City of Stockholm, through the Traffic Administration Office, represents the fastest growing region in Sweden. An increasing population and an extensive development for new construction requires innovation within the supply line to meed an increased transport need. With this background, the City of Stockholm is participating in Triple F´s collaborative work to function as an innovation arena for new solutions and is sharing its expertise with other municipalities as well as identifying challanges. The City of Stockholm is also a partner in CLOSER and participates in the Urban Mobility round table and the board of directors.

    Contact: Robin Billsjö

  • Länsstyrelsen Västmanland Read more about Länsstyrelsen Västmanland

    Role in Triple F:

    Provides the opportunity to translate research results into project Fair transport 2.0, which is about reducing the climate impact of freight transport on the road. TLänsstyrelsen Västmanland also has the opportunity to facilitate the implementation of the goal of a transport-efficient society through the task of guiding municipalities in the application of the Planning and Building Act.

    Contact: Jan van der Horst

  • NetPort Science Park Read more about NetPort Science Park

    Role in Triple F:

    Through its Intelligent Transportation Systems focus area, NetPort Science Park has broad competence and an extensive network and will function as a node for the business sector in southern Sweden.

    Contact: Stina Apel

  • Port of Gothenburg Read more about Port of Gothenburg

    Role in Triple F:

    As a harbour authority, the Port of Gothenburg has the opportunity to participate in projects within Triple F and also of opening up networks with the port´s operators, including terminal companies, shipping lines and freight owners.

  • Trelleborgs hamn

    Port of Trelleborg Read more about Port of Trelleborg

    Role in Triple F:

    The port takes part in Triple F though sharing knowledge about green harbor operations, and participates in projects for switching and transitioning from truck traffic to rail-based solutions.

    Contact: Torgny Nilsson

  • Region Blekinge

    Region Blekinge

    Role in Triple F:

    The region is prepared to function as a laboratory for testing and to bring empirical data to the research. Region Blekinge is also looking to find a bridge between ongoing research at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). One area of interest is how lessons learned from the transition in passenger traffic can be applied to the freight transportation sector. Region Blekinge will be an active partner in projects connected to their strategic development of transport systems. The region has well developed and established collaborations on the political level with regions and cities in the Östersjö area, made tangible through the Karlshamn-Klaipeda and Karlskrona-Gdynia motorway of the sea projects (EU TEN-T MoS).

  • Region Jönköpings Län Read more about Region Jönköpings Län

    Role in Triple F:

    Region Jönköpings Län is a partner in CLOSER; it participates in the group’s round tables and sits on the board of directors. Together with the County Energy office, Region Jönköpings Län is active in the preliminary study of biogas for heavy transport being conducted by CLOSER. In Triple F, the region will participate with knowledge and information concerning its terminal and logistics operations. In addition, Region Jönköpings Län will contribute to projects in the form of its own initiatives, but will also serve as an interface in relation to interested freight owners and logistics companies located in the region.

    Contact: Tommy Eriksson

  • Region Skåne Read more about Region Skåne

    Role in Triple F:

    Region Skåne will contribute regional knowledge and data concerning logistics and transportation operations in Skåne. In addition, Region Skåne will take part in projects supported as part of the newly developed regional freight strategy. Through its regional logistics network, Region Skåne will also bring together regional operators that can potentially promote projects being pursued as part of Triple F. Region Skåne also sits on the board of Triple F.

    Contact: Petra Stelling

  • Region Västra Götaland

    Role in Triple F:
    Region Västra Götaland has a freight transport strategy with the goal that "Västra Götaland is the leading logistics region that offers efficient logistics and a transport infrastructure that supports business needs and the region's development in a way that protects sustainability, the entire region and socio-economic efficiency". Region Västra Götaland also conducts a climate work, Climate 2030- Västra Götaland changes. Here, transport is a focus area with 4 special initiatives, of which "efficient freight transport" is one. These challenges mean that the Västra Götaland region has a great interest in participating in Triple F's development project.

    Contact: Tomas Österlund

  • Region Örebro

    Region Örebro County

    Role in Triple F

    With one of the country's best logistics locations, Region Örebro County has the ambition to be a test bed for innovation and new technical solutions in promoting sustainable development in the transport and logistics area. We are active in a number of different projects that support multimodal transport, transfer of goods from road to rail and blockchain technology. Region Örebro County is a partner in CLOSER and participates in round tables and on the board. Within Triple F, we will contribute with knowledge and information about the logistics activities that exist in the region. Region Örebro County participates and will participate in projects as well as being a contact area for relevant merchants and logistics companies operating within our region.

  • slpab

    Sundsvalls Logistikpark Read more about Sundsvall Logistic Park

    Role in Triple F:

    Sundsvall Logistikpark AB is a partner of CLOSER and a participant in different round tables at CLOSER. Sundsvall Logistikpark AB´s participation in Triple F makes it possible to implement tests and innovation projects for mulitmodal transport solutions. The physical logistics park is an ideal location for handling commodity-intense export flows of freight and can lead to innovation within transferring between transport modes. 

    Contact: Tomas Widenfalk

  • transportföretag

    The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises

    Role in Triple F:

    The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises believes that the Triple F project lies close to our own view of how to properly focus efforts to attain fossil-free freight transportation. We hope to be able to contribute with experience at the industry level and create an important foundation with different ideas and suggestions from relevant companies within the transport sector.

    Contact: Stefan Back

  • TRB Sverige AB Read more about TRB

    Role in Triple F:

    TRB and our co-owner companies are constantly working to find climate-smart and innovative solutions that will give the business benefits and opportunities to develop as sustainable transport and logistics companies. We have two strong networks within the TRB group, which we hope to be able to have a mutual exchange of a partnership in Triple F. This is a network for our partners' fuel managers and a network for environmental and sustainability managers.

    Contact: Fredrik Landegren



  • Chalmers Industriteknik Read more about Chalmers Industriteknik

    Role in Triple F:

    Chalmers Industriteknik will contribute with project ideas and participate in projects that focus on transport efficiency and the development of transport systems in order to meet the future transport needs when Sweden is to change to a circular economy. Chalmers Industriteknik works with logistics in several industries, such as recycling, food and the construction industry.
    Contact: Kristina Liljestrand

  • Coop

    Role in Triple F

    In 2018, Coop was named Sweden's most sustainable brand. Coop Logistik focuses on finding new solutions for providing terminals and stores with environmentally friendly and efficient transports. Coop is a partner in CLOSER and is an active part of the HCT group within CLOSER and in the Dencity project. Issues that Coop is primarily interested in lifting and operating in Triple F are mainly about intermodal HCT solutions, incentives and potential for filling levels, eg horizontal collaborations. Coop, in addition to contributing material and data to the research, is mainly linked to their logistical flows.

    Contact: Christian Valdt

  • DHL Read more about DHL

    Role in Triple F:

    DHL is a partner in CLOSER and actively participates in all roundtables and drivers questions and projects. DHL sees great opportunities in collaborating within Triple F to support and gain insight into which innovators and technology will be applicable to changeovers. In addition, DHL contributes with its extensive knowledge in the transport and logistics area and support in innovation projects.

    Contact: Ulf Hammarberg


  • Einride



  • fkg_logga

    FKG Read more about FKG

    Role in Triple F:

    FKG is promoting the project as a representative for suppliers in the automotive industry. Its participation in Triple F opens up opportunities to find new innovations that support changes in the automotive industry and can be demonstrated and tested in specific projects. 

    Contact: Leif Ohlsson

  • Flexiwaggon Read more about Flexiwaggon

    Role in Triple F:

    We are adding new technology, new know-how and a new solution to transport problems worldwide. The Flexiwaggon as a solution is unique and enables clean transports already today by combining hydrogen/electric operation on the trucks with the flexiwaggon.

    Contact: Jan Eriksson

  • Green Cargo Read more about Green Cargo

    Role in Triple F:

    In Triple F, Green Cargo is interested in such aspects as innovation projects linked to supply chains, and the role of the railways as part of an integrated supply chain. In practice, this could also mean transfer of information between modes of transportation, which would make planning and governance more proactive, as well as issues around how policy promotes railway transportation. What incentives are needed for a transition to a larger share of freight transportation on railways to take place? How can performance, in terms of both cost and of quality, in the railway production network be improved? Measurement methods and socioeconomic models are also of interest, as is how to focus on the right investments (e.g. infrastructure) to resolve bottlenecks in the rail system. By optimizing train paths (gradual allocation) based on a system perspective, the efficiency of infrastructure use is enhanced and the need to build more capacity is reduced. If both of these are accomplished, both quality and available capacity are increased.

    Contact: Jonatan Gjerdrum


  • Gällivare Näringsliv AB Read more about Gällivare Näringsliv AB

    Role in Triple F:

    We at Gällivare Näringsliv AB have a vision to have a sustainable and competitive business in a business environment and world-class collaboration, a long-term goal is to at least CO2 impact by at least 70% by 2030. The business community in Gällivare has a starting point of emphasis on transport both in both mines LKAB and Boliden with also transport to / from Gällivare with goods.Could share their own knowledge and experiences and get input from Triple F around projects that can be practically implemented and thereby reduce the impact on the environment.

    Contact: Roger Hansson

  • Holmen

    Holmens Skog Read more about Holmen Skog

    Role in Triple F:

    Holmens Skog provides the project with opportunities where innovation and new transportation and fuel alternatives can be tested for transportation of forestry raw materials for refining. In addition, participation through Holmens Skog also creates an opportunity to look at distribution from the group´s facilities.

    Contact: Jonas Eriksson

  • IVL Read more about IVL

    Role in Triple F:

    IVL will take part in various projects, especially the measurement, surveying and monitoring of greenhous gas emmissions; technical and organizational solutions for increasing the share of renewable fuels; mobility solutions for reducing traffic needs; transport purchase studies and environmental economic analyses.

    Contact: Erik Fridell

  • Lighthouse Read more about Lighthouse

    Role in Triple F:

    The Lighthouse operation is managed by an office and a program committee. The Lighthouse program committee will work like a triple helix group within the consortium with special competence within maritime issues.

    Contact: Åsa Burman

  • NTM

    Role in Triple F

    The network for transport and the environment, NTM has since 1993 developed methods, data and tools for calculating transport environment, climate and energy use. The upcoming changeover to a fossil-free transport system requires a refined follow-up tool of both progress and setbacks in a credible manner. During the transition, new technologies, fuels and behaviors will be required, which in turn need to be evaluated. Our ambition is to develop follow-up tools in parallel with tests of new solutions within the framework of Triple F. If the solutions are successful, these can be implemented by other actors and tools for evaluation and power measurement will thus be available to several.

    Contact: Magnus Swahn

  • PostNord Read more about PostNord

    Role in Triple F:

    PostNord is a partner in Closer, actively participating in all round table discussions as well as advancing issues and projects. PostNord contributes competence and expertise to Triple F based on its multifaceted commission, and in addition is on the program´s board of directors. They will actively contribute knowledge in innovation projects and also contribute data as a basis for research. Like other land-based transportation companies, PostNord is greatly interested in designing the fuel choices of tomorrow as part of selecting the vehicle fleets of the future.


  • Ramböll Sverige AB Read more about Ramböll

    Role in Triple F:

    Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. We employ 13,000 experts and have a strong presence in the Nordics, North America, the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East and India, supplemented by a significant representation in Asia, Australia, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Ramboll works across the markets: Buildings, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, Environment & Health, Energy, Oil & Gas and Management Consulting.

    Contact: John McDaniel

  • Scandfibre Logistics Read more about Scandfibre Logistics

    Role in Triple F:

    In Triple F, ScandFibre will take part in specific projects, with empirical and real data for research.

    Contact: Pär Sund

  • Scania Read more about Scania

    Role in Triple F  

    Scania will participate in the collaboration in the form of industrial doctoral projects and innovation projects. Scania has an interest in contributing to knowledge development by initiating industrial doctoral student projects in the areas where Scania is active. Scania is also looking forward to generating and participating in innovation projects in collaboration with academia, society and other industries. To achieve a fossil-free freight transport system, competence and active participation from the automotive industry are needed. New innovative solutions for the Swedish transport industry and for transport-intensive industries such as the forest and mining industries should be developed, tested and demonstrated in collaboration with the automotive industry, community representatives and academia.

    Contact: Magnus Blinge

  • SEI, the Stockholm Environment Institute Read more about SEI

    Role in Triple F:

    In Triple F, SEI is expected to contribute expertise both in policy analysis an in switching to renewable sources of energy, with tangible expertise in the electrification of vehicles, bio-based energy and bio-economy. SEI has a great deal of experience in working in interdisciplinary research consortia, financed by bodies such as MISTRA and the European Commission, and is practiced in linking perspectives and operators in research projects and among research, policy operators and society. In Triple F, we contribute capacity in collaborative research into fossil fuel-free transportation on roads, and to build on existing cooperation with Swedish industry. In conclusion, we expect the consortium to be a resource for other partners in developing projects with a focus on policy and challenges in governance.

    Contact: Björn Nykvist

  • Sjöfartsverket Read more about Sjöfartsverket

    Role in Triple F 

    In Triple F, the Swedish Maritime Administration contributes with its R&D and shipping expertise in various projects and initiatives linked to innovations for increased energy efficiency in the shipping and transport area.

    ContactMagnus Sundström

  • Skogforsk

    Role in Triple F

    Skogforsk is the Swedish Forestry Research Institute, financed by the forest industry and the state. Skogforsk develops and communicates knowledge, services and products that increase the sustainability of the use of the forest for the benefit of society. We participate in Triple F as a provider of R&D projects. We have expertise and interest regarding, among other things, impact assessments of changes in the transport system on significant freight flows (technology, infrastructure, regulations / policy) and the infrastructure's impact on freight flows and environmental effects. Our role is, furthermore, to be a necessary link between academia, internship and authorities, where our strong networks create good conditions for implementation.

    ContactMagnus Thor


  • ssab_logotype

    SSAB Read more about SSAB

    Role in Triple F:

    SSAB´s participation in Triple F is both to share knowledge and to bi a potential partner in innovation projects for long-distance transportation.

    Contact: Rickard Backlund

  • SSPA Read more about SSPA

    Role in Triple F:

    SSPA is a partner in CLOSER and a participant in CLOSER’s Urban Mobility round table. SSPA will submit proposals for project ideas and be the developer in projects initiated in Triple F.

    Contact: Vendela Santén

  • Svensk Sjöfart

    Role in Triple F 

    Svensk Sjöfart represents Swedish shipping companies and thereby opens up possible project partners in future projects involving maritime transport. In addition, Svensk Sjöfart can contribute knowledge of Swedish shipping operations as a basis for research and innovation projects.

    Contact person: Suzanne Green

    The Swedish Maritime Association is an industry organization with the task of increasing knowledge of Swedish shipping and driving the industry's issues both nationally and internationally. Our main focus areas are environment and climate, maritime safety and technology, research and innovation, and competitiveness for increased growth.


  • Sweco Read more about Sweco

    Role in Triple F:

    Sweco participates in Triple F by contributing as a developer in innovation projects, and in the project administration with coordination, and project and process management. Sweco is most interested in the following questions and issues:

    • How does today’s freight transportation system work?
    • Technology’s role in the conversion to fossil independence
    • Developing functional transport and logistics solutions
    • Planning for an increased share of renewable fuel.
    • Feasibility studies and method development
    • Evaluation methods and follow up

    Contact: Johan Johansson

  • Telenor Connexion

    Telenor Connexion

    Role in Triple F:

    Telenor Connexion is an expert partner in digitalization, a field that is full of possibilities (for example, the Internet of Things and being connected to the Web). The company will take part in innovation projects and pilot ("proof of concept") projects. 

    Contact: Svante Svanberg

  • TFK TransportForsK

  • The Swedish Forest Industries Federation Read more about Skogsindustrierna

    Role in Triple F:

    The Swedish Forest Industries Federation will have a place on the board of Triple F. The Federation will thereby be a relevant participant in the work on formulating the relevant questions and directions in the program, and on preserving the knowledge that emerges in the program and disseminating it to the Federaterion´s members. 

    Contact: Karolina Boholm

  • THETC The Techno Creatives

    Role in Triple F

    The Techno Creatives participates in Triple F to contribute to a fossil-free Sweden. The role of THETC in Triple F is as a creator of ideas, a provider of innovation projects and project management. Of particular interest is how the freight transport system can be optimized based on different modes of transport, including aircraft. Feasibility studies and the development of demonstrators to prove / disprove innovation hypotheses are also possible areas for THETC to contribute within.

    ContactJacob Ahrnstein

  • Vattenfall Read more about Vattenfall

    Role in Triple F:

    Ultimately VF are motivated to act quickly and decisively to deliver in our mission of becoming Fossil free within one generation. The freight and transport sector is prioritised at a VF group level and therefore we must find and implement new business and technology solutions at a rapid pace in order to affect the needed transition to fossil free transportation. To achieve such VF need to develop our competence and relationships with those key and strong actors present in the logistics value chain/sector and as represented in the Triple F platform - we need to find our position and role in this new consellation of leading actors. We are motivated to develop new cases and business models in all modes of freight and goods transport and in further development of our own commercial E-Mobility business and connected energy services solutions.

    Contact: Colin Stewart

  • Volvo Cars Read more about Volvo Cars

    Role in Triple F:

    Based on a role as transport buyer, Volvo Cars AB has an interest in developing its logistics system in a fossil fuel-free direction. As a global operator and user of all modalities, there is a bank of experience as a transport byer and in networks of evaluating and testing new technology and new innovations in order to promote the development of roadmaps and innovations.

    Contact: Staffan Johannesson

  • WSP Read more about WSP

    Role in Triple F:

    WSP can participate as a project developer and as a process leader or coordinator in projects. WSP can contribute:

    • Expert competence in freght transportation and logistics
    • Expert competence in city logistics
    • Process management
    • Strategy development and support
    • Implementation strategies for fossil fuel-free transportation
    • The possibilities and consequenses of digitalization for transportation
    • Market studies linked to freight transportation
    • Collaborative project management between public organizations and businesses
    • Understanding transportation, and the driving forces and desire for change in industry

    Contact: Mona Pettersson



  • Chalmers Read more about Chalmers

    Role in Triple F:

    Chalmers will participate in the initiation and implementation of both innovation projects and doctoral projects. Chalmers participates in several of the 3H groupings that can be linked to the program, such as CLOSER, Lighthouse, LTS, and others. As one of the universities in the consortium, Chalmers will participate in designing the doctoral program and supervising and examining doctoral students. A developed collaboration has long been with the universities in Linköping and Lund in the field of sustainable logistics, through the joint network LENS.

    Contact: Violeta Roso

  • Jönköping University

    Role in Triple F:

    JU will be active in the research and doctoral projects, in close collaboration with the other operators in the consortium. We har members of CLOSER and active in several triple helix groups. Together with other academic operators, we will contribute to designing a doctorate program and helping supervise and assess doctoral students.

    Contact: Prof. Per Hilletofth , Division of Supply Chain and Operations Management

  • KTH Read more about KTH

    Role in Triple F:

    KTH will contribute to the Triple F program by initiating and conducting research projects using competence provided by the group for train traffic and logistics within the transport planning department as well ass from ITRL. The Department for Transport Planning will conduct research and training related to the modeling and simulation of freight and passenger traffic, signaling technology and capacity analysis. The goal is to perform research that is relevant for the rail system´s efficiency and competitiveness, and to thereby improve the system´s performance. 

    Contact: Behzad Kordnejad, Transport Planning, Economics and Engineering Department.

  • Linköping University Read more about University of Linköping

    Role in Triple F:

    Lindköping University will be active in postgraduate projects and innovation projects, in close collaboration with the other operators in the consortium. We work actively in the regional clusters financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth that are dedicated to developing fossil fuel-free freight transportation. In partnership with the other universities, we will design the postgraduate program, mentor postgraduate students and administer their examinations.

    Contact: Prof. Mats Abrahamsson (Logistics and Quality Management Division)

    Prof. Jan Lundgren (Communications and Transport Systems Division)

  • Luleå University of Technology Read more about LTU

    Role in Triple F:

    LTU will participate by initiating and conducting research as well as doctoral projects tied to the Triple F program. Main interest areas are heavy transportation based on raw material extraction in the northern parts of Sweden, city logistics connected to long-range transportation to and from the city, and operating and maintaining rail systems. LTU is a member of the triple helix group Luleå Näringsliv AB´s industry council for transportation and participates in a number of triple helix groups connected to Triple F. Ad one of the participating universities, LTU will help design the doctoral program, and contribute to the doctoral projects with supervision, assessments, etc. LTU will also, as needed, contribute competence to program projects initiated by other parties. 

    Contact: Maria Öberg, Researcher, Arcitecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources.


  • Lund University Read more about Lund University

    Role in Triple F:

    Lund University will have an active role in the doctoral project and in the research and innovation projects, in collaboration with other operators within Triple F. The university is a member of several Triple helix groups, including those coordinated by CLOSER, and works actively in many networks and clusters, such as the Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) in the EU. A specific collaboration with the city of Helsingborg is being conducted within the retail logistics (Relog) platform. Together with other universities, Lund University is designing and operating postgraduate programs within the consortium by educating and graduating doctoral students. Lund University maintains an established collaboration with Chalmers University, Linköping University, and the University of Gothenburg, where we coordinate the Logistics and Environment Research Network of Sweden (LENS). LENS holds recurring doctoral courses, open to doctoral students at every higher education institution in Sweden.

    Contact: Associate Professor Henrik Pålsson

  • Lunds Tekniska Universitet Read more about LTH

    Role in Triple F 

    LTH is a part of Lund University. LTH have the overall responsibility for education and research in engineering, architecture and industrial design at the university. Within several of our research areas, LTH is world leaders, such as nanotechnology, combustion physics and medical technology.

    LTH has almost 10,000 students and about 1,600 employees from all over the world and the courses are given at LTH's Campus in Lund and at Campus Helsingborg.

    ContactDocent Henrik Pålsson,

  • University of Borås Read more about University of Borås

    Role in Triple F:

    The University of Borås promotes projects using knowledge of their logistics flows and transportation, primarily in the textile and fashion industries. In addition, the University of Borås will promote a clear focus on sustainability in postgraduate projects, in which transportation in the textile and fashion industries must be made more sustainable in the future. This change could come through changes in the production system (where the products are manufactured in relation to the sales location) but could moving forward demonstrate alternative transportation and logistics designs for reduced fossil dependence.

    Contact: Daniel Ekwall, Professor of Textile Management

  • University of Gothenburg Read more about University of Gothenburg

    Role in Triple F:

    GU intends to contribute by initiating, driving and participating in innovation and doctoral projects. GU researchers are active in triple helix initiatives such as CLOSER, Lighthouse and the Logistics & Transport Foundation LTS. Like other universities in the consortium, GU will contribute to designing the doctoral program and supervising doctoral students and examining doctorates. GU also participates in the LENS network.

    Contact: Prof. Johan Woxenius

  • Örebro University Read more about Univerisity of Örebro

    Role in Triple F:

    ORU contributes by initiating, conducting and participating in innovation and doctoral projects, and by acting as a coordinator and project owner for demonstrations and test beds. ORU contributes with an interdisciplinary focus on innovation projects and on designing the doctoral program.


    Prof. Frans Prenkert, ORULUG, ORU School of Business 

    Prof. Achim J.Lilenthal , ORULUG, ORU School of Science and Technology