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Our nodes

Our headquarter is at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, but we are also represented in Stockholm, Linköping and Lund. As a Triple F partner, you are always welcome to come and visit us and discuss ideas. Do you need a place to work for a few hours? Or do you have a Triple F-related meeting and need a meeting room in one of our nodes? Contact one of our node contacts below!


Address: Lindholmspiren 3-5

Information about how you get here you can find here

  • Lisa Almhage

    Project Coordinator

    lisa [dot] almhage [at] lindholmen [dot] se +46 (0)734-35 96 72
  • Maria Oscott

    Program Manager

    maria [dot] oscott [at] lindholmen [dot] se +46(0)725 78 87 74
  • patrik Klintbom

    Patrik Klintbom

     Research Director Technology

    patrik [dot] klintbom [at] ri [dot] se +46(0)722 05 44 33


Address: Malvinas väg 6

  • Inge Vierth

    Research Manager Policy

    inge [dot] vierth [at] vti [dot] se +46(0)709 43 04 94
  • Marcia Moore-Viklund

    Contact person

    marcia [dot] moore-viklund [at] vti [dot] se 08-555 36 510


Address: Olaus Magnus väg 35

  • Jenny Karlsson

    Research Manager Logistics

    jenny [dot] karlsson [at] vti [dot] se +46 (0)13-20 40 00


Address: Ideon, Beta 5, Scheelevägen 17, Lund | Ideon, Beta 5, 223 70 Lund

  • Anna Alexandersson

    Node Coordinator

    anna [dot] alexandersson [at] ri [dot] se +46 70 591 55 78