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New project coordinator interested in innovations

Since November 12, Lisa Almhage has been the new project coordinator for CLOSER and Triple F at Lindholmen Science Park, where she will play a central role in the projects.

Lisa most recently held the position of Co-op Coordinator at University College West. Co-op is a concept where students can weave their theoretical studies with work periods at companies that are relevant to their training. As Co-op Coordinator, Lisa was the link between students, companies, and the college’s electrical engineering program.  Here, Lisa shares what she looks forward to in her new job and which experiences she brings with her from the college to Lindholmen Science Park. 

What are you looking forward to about working at CLOSER and Triple F?
“I’m looking forward to being a small part of a larger effort for a clean environment. Even if I’m going to be doing administrative work, I’ll still be able to study the problems and the different ways they can be tackled. I’m also looking forward to meeting lots of exciting people and seeing new, interesting innovations.” 

What issues do you think are important for CLOSER and Triple F to address?
“The most important issues for CLOSER and Triple F are, I think, engaging all of the program participants and looking at it as a group effort where everyone wins in the end. Even if some don’t win as much as others.

Which experiences from academia do you expect to use here?
“My earlier work within academia has made me very open to, and interested in, new thoughts and ideas. I know that lots of good ideas are often formed when lots of smart people come together and share their knowledge and experience.”