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Meet Farah Naz, PhD student with a focus on fossil-free building logistics

Friday, December 13, 2019

Here, you can read about Farah Naz, who is one of the PhD students within the Triple F programme, and you can learn about Farah's expectations for Triple H and what she is focussing on right now.

Who are you?
My name is Farah Naz and I have been recently accepted as a PhD within Triple F and otherwise work at the construction logistics department at Linköping University.

Can you briefly tell us about your project? 
The project in which I am earning a PhD is called fossil-free construction logistics and it deals with the development of transport-related performance measures for construction logistics solutions. To begin with, there was a need to identify performance measures for construction transport and then the implementation thereof to identify performance measurements.

What are your expectations at Triple F as a programme?
I expect that Triple F will contribute to a 70% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from cargo traffic in Sweden by 2030. I am convinced that this will be achieved with the help of cooperation and development of knowledge, where I see myself as part of the solution. 

What difference can it make for you as an individual and for your project being a part of Triple F?
For me personally, the Triple F PhD programme will help me both to develop a network within research and within the Swedish society. And with respect to my project, Triple F will help to open up new opportunities that I think will lead to fossil-free cargo transport in Sweden before 2040. 

I think that we are at the beginning of an era of sustainability and green logistics and the Triple F programme is a very good initiative for getting things to happen.

By working within Triple F, I will develop a great deal of knowledge and competence on a personal level that will help me develop sustainable solutions today and in the future. In this way, Triple F will help me be a part of the transition to a more sustainable society. 

You also work with a construction logistics project called MIMIC. How does it correlate with you work within Triple F?
MIMIC and Triple F are both focused on logistics optimisation, dialogue between concerned parties and smart governance in order to facilitate and support logistics to, from and on urban construction sites in order to improve mobility and reduce congestion and the influence on the surrounding community. By doing so, Sweden can also achieve the goal of reducing 70% of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

The goal of the MIMIC project is to reduce the negative effects of urban construction sites by improving construction logistics and implementing SMART control concepts. The goal of the Triple F project is also to improve construction logistics with respect to coordination and consolidation of urban traffic and reducing fossil emissions. Both MIMIC and Triple F have the purpose of improving construction logistics and reducing the negative impact on the environment. So it could be said that the MIMIC project works on a strategic level, whereas the Triple F project works on a tactical level.

Do you think that construction logistics can be fossil-free?
Yes, I think so! Even if it will take a little time, it will eventually be an absolute possibility.